Punjab History


Punjab Revenue Patwari Model Paper

1. Which is the most famous city in Punjab ?
(a) Ludhiana (b) Amritsar (c) Chandigarh (d) Patiala
Ans- (b)
2. Who is the first lady Chief Minister of Punjab?
(a) Bibi Jagir Kaur (b) Kiran Bedi (c) Rajinder Kaur Bhattal (d) Ms. Seema Roy
Ans- (c)
3. Who was the first Governor of Punjab?
(a) Mr. Chandu Lal Trivedi (b) Bansilal (c) Gopi Chand (d) Amrinder Singh
Ans- (a)
4. Who is the first lady Deputy Commissioner of Punjab?
(a) Ms. Vini Chohan (b) Ms. Vini Mahajan (c) Ms. Kiran Bedi (d) None of these
Ans- (b)
5. Which is the biggest District of Punjab?
(a) Fatehgarh Sahib (b) Mansa (c) Morinda (d) Ferozpur
Ans- (d)
6. Which is the smallest District in Punjab?
(a) Moga (b) Mansa (c) Fatehgarh Sahib (d) Bhatinda
Ans- (c)
7. When was the PUnjab annexation with the British Rule?
(a) 1829 (b) 1839 (c) 1859 (d) 1849
Ans – (d)
8. Which is new created city in Punjab?
(a) Fatehgarh Sahib (b) Anandgarh (c) Garshankar (d) Nawashahar
Ans- (b)
9. When was Punjabi University established at Patiala?
(a) 1930 (b) 1940 (c) 1950 (d) 1960
Ans – (d)
10. When was the Punjab School Education Board established in Punjab?
(a) 1969 (b) 1959 (c) 1949 (d) 1939
Ans – (a)
11. How many divisions of Punjab state?
(a) 5 (b) 4 (c) 6 (d) 7
Ans- (b)
12. How many Universities in Punjab?
(a) 8 (b) 10 (c) 6 (d) 9
Ans- (c)
13. What is the old name of Punjab?
(a) Sapta Sindhu (b) Spta Rishi (c) Sapta Aba (d) Panj-Ab
Ans- (a)
14. How many Parliamentary constituencies in Punjab?
(a) 14 (b) 13 (c) 16 (d) 17
Ans- (b)
15. Guru Nanak Dev was born in ?
(a) 1466 (b) 1467 (c) 1468 (d) 1469
Ans- (d)


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