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CBSE class 12 Previous year question papers with solution in PDF File. Here you can download 12th class Last 10 years question papers for all subjects including All India and Delhi Board. Previous year Papers are great help for board exam preparation.
A very warm welcome of all the students of science stream, it’s great to have you here. Choosing science stream was one of the important decision of your life. when you decided to choose science over other streams, at that time you molded your life in an entirely new shape. Now to help you out with your decision, in this article we have given CBSE 12th Science Previous Year Question Papers of All Subjects.

CBSE 12th Physics Previous 10 Year Question Papers

CBSE 12th Chemistry Previous 10 Year Question Papers

CBSE 12th Biology Previous 10 Year Question Papers

CBSE 12th Maths Previous 10 Year Question Papers

CBSE 12th English Previous 10 Year Question Papers

CBSE 12th Computer Science Previous 10 Year Question Paper

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CBSE 12th Hindi Previous 10 Year Question Papers

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Previous Year Question Papers Are Important To Go With

Previous year papers can be used as weapon for board exam. There are some questions which are often repeated in different ways in every board exam, and if you can spot such questions then you can score lot more. So, keep looking for questions which you think are being repeated in most of the papers, and make sure to practice them the best way you can.

Check how strict is the CBSE evaluation process to know the skill to write answers according to examiner to get the best out of every answer.

A huge number of students appears and enrolled themselves in CBSE 12th board exam, I am talking about a huge population of students and just think, that you are one of them. So what makes you different from other and in what way?

Ok, let me give this answer to you, firstly you should know that only 20% of students are there who are really preparing hard for the board exams and the remaining 80% of students have no idea that where they are going and what they are doing.

Now the question arises that what these 20% students are really doing and how they are doing it?

So let me give some points that what the high scoring students do while preparing for their exam.

Complete NCERT Books First!

You have noticed that the good scorers of your class always stick with NCERT textbook, and the only reason is that the NCERT gives you the exact information about the syllabus and in text reading.

But, if you do not have enough time then choosing NCERT textbook is not a good idea, because NCERT book is not going to boost you up in lesser time. Therefore, it is advised that you must look around for the time, remaining for the exams.

NCERT Is Not Enough Buddy

Well reading NCERT textbooks is really a very good idea and an intelligent student can easily understand that what I mean to state here.

But, my dear friend reading NCERT is not enough as in the case of NCERT book you won’t find the type of questions and deep study about any topic.

NCERT only gives you the basic idea about the topics which are important for your board exams and not the in-depth study of the topics.

So according to my first point you should complete your NCERT textbook first, to get the idea of topics and then you must go for some CBSE 12th pcm reference books.
And please, do not go for those heavy 2KG books likes Pradeep etc, go for some lightweight books like Exam Idea etc.

Time will kill you

Time management is a key weapon of every successful student, using the time in a proper way will definitely give you a great boost while preparing for your board exams.

A good scorer always keeps an eye on time management, and hence he/she gets a good result. So what is time management?

Time management is as simple as chewing food, but a number of students do not take much interest on this scenario and this is the only reason they don’t score much in their exams as they expect. So keep in mind that while preparing for your board exams you must go for time management first. Taking food meals on proper time, taking proper sleep and giving a great time to studies are the key points of time management.

I cannot suggest you a time table here because every student has his/her own daily schedules and plans, so be the king of yourself and prepare a good time table and follow it until the board exams knocks your door and don’t let the time kill you.

Do not DOWNLOAD solved sample papers

Lazy are the students who cannot work hard on solving a question at their own, yes I am right here. This is one of the big problems that a number of students downloads or read the solved question papers from the internet or some reference textbooks.

What actually happens, the student tries the question from the solved question paper at his/her own but when he/she fails to solve the question he/she just see the solution of that particular question and at this point he/she thinks that this question is easy and he/she will easily solve this question in future.

But while facing the same question in future 80% of such students fails to solve or give the answer of that question, and the only reason behind this situation is that they didn’t use their brain to understand and solve the question, they just remembered it as a poetry.

Studying solved sample papers can be ok for theoretical subjects like English, Hindi, Biology etc. But not for practical subjects that need practice like Physics, Chemistry and Computer science. So keeping this in mind, we are providing you the CBSE 12th Science Previous Year Question Papers All Subjects but not with the solutions. Just try to solve them on your own. Trust me it’s better this way.

Stop Making Fool Of Yourself

I was too a 12th student once, and I was not so intelligent. Like my good buddies, I too thought that there is a plenty of time for board exams and I can make it before the exam arrives at the doors.

Every day I used to wake up with a thought that today I will start study with full concentration, but with the day passing the thought of “study with concentration” use to fade and finally disappear.

So this is how I was making a fool of myself, I realized this when there were 2 months left for my board exams, somehow I made that event of my life happen successfully. Often I use to think, that what if I had started my preparations from the first day of my 12th class? like I did in 2 months just before the board exams, haha, you know the answer well.

So stop making a fool of yourself and start your preparations from today.

Kal kare so aj kar, aj kare so ab, Pal me parlay hoyegi, bahuri karega kab

And this is not a useless thought.

What have you learned?

If you have read the entire article, then by now you must have learned some good tips for your board exam preparation.

Keep in mind that you are the only one who will decide what to do and what not to do, no one can direct you to the path to your destiny. So be the creator of your path and always try to take good decisions. You cannot be someone’s copy and someone cannot be a copy of yours.

If any point and any material given in this article helped you in any way or you have some other thoughts about the upcoming board exams then do comment below and become a part of the discussion for this article.

All The Best For You Board Exams, Todd Dena! 

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